How marketers research and gather information about customers: How marketers make strategic decisions about each of the four elements of the marketing mix.

The Internet and related technology have already demonstrated a profound effect on the personal selling process. Salespeople today carry around laptop computers that connect them to their own company’s databases when they are out on sales calls. The Internet is a communication medium that efficiently brings parties together, and thus can and does provide buyers with access to a larger number of selling firms. This should foster competition among firms and drive prices down.

An important point, however, is that on-line seller generally had not yet been able to charge a premium for the differentiated goods they sell via the Internet. The purpose of this marketing on the internet is that Web site is to provide an overview of the dramatic way that the Internet is impacting all aspects of marketing. Nothing makes a consumer more comfortable with a purchase than offering a guarantee. Online, you can easily measure you return on investment and refine your marketing campaign over time to improve results.

The Internet can potentially have a dramatic impact on the price of goods and services; however, it is debatable whether the end result will be lower or higher prices. Links to two conflicting arguments are presented below. It is the Internet marketing in a society where legal and ethical limits are pushed to the max and how the attitude pervades those around us that if there are no rules against something. This is because when online shoppers enter their credit card number and purchase a digital product, that product can be sent to them directly and immediately over the Internet.

Via the Internet, individuals can obtain free, printable coupons from a wide variety of companies. A blog is simply a website where daily, weekly, or monthly personal or corporate thoughts, ideas, and happenings can be published and shared with others.